While many believe Pizza was born in the US, despite the forename “Neapolitan”, Italy is responsible for this heavenly treat everyone, at least once in their lives, has eaten.

The trend has always been the same, people invent things, the US brings it to the masses, and the history slowly fades aways. But it doesn’t need to be this way, especially with the most famous italian product, because the History behind this flatten piece of dough is simply unique.

Probably blessed by Margherita, our queen, Pizza has skyrockettd all culinary charts and responsible for the dissemination of hegemonic new gastronomic ideas.

Being the person that brought Pizza in Asia, I felt overwhelmed by this Idea when I first heard of it, and was proud to be taken in.

Naples is an unique city with a strong food culture in its back. Its people are born and brought up learning the Art of Pizza Making, and it is somehow underestimated around the country, as something easy to do. But the truth couldn’t be more different. Making Pizza is hard, and it requires time, passion and practice.

With over 120 restaurants i felt obliged to take part into this project, bringing in hundreds of thousands of signatures. It would have been disrespectful for me not to give something back to my city, or at least, try to.

As pizza brought me success and fame, and helped Italy’s economic boom throughout its history, the time has come for me/us to repay those very people that “silently” have made all this possible. We might never know all their names, but can certainly taste what they have left us.


Salvatore Cuomo